A Note On Posting

I’ve been taking a break from writing on here for awhile. Just haven’t felt the urge, and maybe I have too many other distractions at the moment…

But I want to get back to putting up posts again, although probably not as often as I did when I first started out with this blog. I tried to post once a week back then, caught up in the excitement of writing that others might see.

I read somewhere recently that blogging didn’t turn out for a lot of people like perhaps they secretly hoped: that they would be more widely read, and that there would be an effervescence of creativity and shared interests. And the trendiness has passed blogging by… I guess it’s more about twittering and “friends” on Facebook now.

But in my case, I have met people, fellow bloggers, in a virtual way who have enriched my life. But we’re all passing ships in a writerly mist, and bloggers come and go where their lives take them.

I will continue writing here from time to time in the same spirit that I often do other things, because I think it is good for me….  And because it is fun for me to imagine that some other might read what I write, which I can’t pretend when I peck away on something and then thrust it into a drawer somewhere.

I have in mind near-future posts about environmental art, multiverses and more book reviews. I like to do book reviews, especially about writing and about culture… but the act of reading and noting the interesting bits takes time, and again I often get distracted from finishing as I should.

I would like to write more about Emerson and Thoreau as well. As a pantheistic buddhist transcendentalist with agnostic leanings, I find more and more how much they speak to me.

To everyone who does happen to come by and read these words, I wish you happiness and health, now and in the New Year.

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4 Comments on “A Note On Posting”

  1. Doug Says:

    Glad to hear that your voice wont go silent on this channel! I know what you mean about other distractions though, it seems I had a lot more time for things “back in the day”.

    Happy Holidays too!


  2. Thoreau. He’s on my to-read list for 2011. Again. Nice blog. I’ll be checking back. Cheers!

  3. fencer Says:

    Hi Doug,

    How are you? Good to hear from you…

    Hey it must be time for you to post something on “Wide Awake” too!


  4. fencer Says:

    Hi Simone,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting…

    I took a look at your blog and enjoyed it.


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