Home Sweet Home

One of the rewards of travelling is the return home, I find.

I get to realize how much I miss my habitual routines. At the same time I get to see a little bit objectively my ruts, and that I could be happier lurching out of some of them. Starting to schedule and do some real writing every day would be a good new rut for me to get into.

We’ve returned from our journey across parts of Japan, on a Mandarin speaking tour since my wife is Chinese, and China. We visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Kyoto, followed by a dozen days in China, especially Shanghai, where my wife’s family lives. I don’t speak much Mandarin, I have little Japanese except the technical language of aikido, no Shanghainese, and only shreds of high school French. French? Well, my wife’s parents were trained in French universities and hospitals in Shanghai while becoming doctors (both are in their eighties), and their French is fluent.

But my sign language is good!

So the language thing was an adventure in itself. Add to that my involvement with the geisha paparazzi of Kyoto, a drinking contest with officers of the Red Army, and photos with the fighters of the Shaolin Temple, and I have a few stories to tell, which can only grow in the telling.

We just returned, so have to unpack and settle in. Back in a flash…

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3 Comments on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. bloglily Says:

    So glad you’re back Mike. Looking forward to those stories. xo, BL

  2. fencer Says:

    Hi Lily,

    Nice to be back and to hear from you. Excellent new avatar, by the way…


  3. Eliza D Says:

    Looking forward to your travelling tales. “Geisha paparazzi” sounds intriguing!

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